The ElfQuest Movie is (Sorta) Still Alive

ElfQuest a Fan Imagining Short Film

After Warner Bros. decided to put the kibosh on the “ElfQuest” movie they’ve been developing for years, it seemed like “ElfQuest” fans would never get to see their elves, well, questing on the big screen. After all, it’s hard to make a movie like “ElfQuest” without the full backing of a major Hollywood studio. Or at least, it would be hard to make a decent looking movie, anyway. But someone’s going to give it a shot anyways, it appears.

Those two “someones” are Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes, who recently announced at the American Film Market that they have successfully acquired movie rights to the comic book property from its creators, Wendy and Richard Pini.

According to Wendy Pini, it was a no-brainer:

With their deep love and understanding of the property, they represent a new direction for ‘ElfQuest.’ New creative energy and new connections in the larger media.

So how did Thorpe and Rhodes convince Pini of their “deep love and understanding” of “ElfQuest”? My guess would be when they help put together (and directed) the 4-minute “ElfQuest” short film called “ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining”, which you can see below.

Of course, how far Thorpe and Rhodes get with turning “ElfQuest” into a movie is anybody’s guess. I suppose if they really want to make a movie, they could do it pretty easily. The question is, what will it look like? Making a 4-minute fan film is one thing, but a full-length feature film with special effects and what have you? That’s a whole ‘nother ball wax, son.

Via : Variety