The Escapist’s Rupert Wyatt Directing Planet of the Apes Remake – UPDATED

Is it a prequel, a sequel, or a “re-imagining”? Whatever it ends up being called, it’s a “Planet of the Apes” movie, and Deadline says director Rupert Wyatt, who last directed the prison flick “The Escapist”, is currently the front runner for the cushy gig. If Wyatt does board the 20th Century Fox film, he’ll be directing from a script by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver. Word is, the prequel will trace the rise of the ape named Caesar, who leads the simian rebellion against those pesky evil humans and topples civilization as we know it.

There is no start date for “Apes” yet.

Update: CHUD believes the film will be called “Caesar: Rise of the Apes”, and has a number of plot points from the Jaffa and Silver script. Head over there to read the rest, but the primary point is that this will indeed be a prequel to the 1968 original “Planet of the Apes” starring Charlton Heston.

The worst thing about a planet ruled by apes? The hair. All the hair.