The Evil Dead Remake is Alive and Well and Even has a Director Now

Oh, that “Evil Dead” remake again. Or as Bloody-Disgusting calls it, that “quasi-remake” (whatever the hell that means) of the Sam Raimi low-budget horror classic.

Yup, it’s still alive, and moving forward as we speak.

The horror site reports that Sam Raimi has even found a director to remake his movie, with short film director Federico Alvarez making his feature film debut on the movie. The unknown Alvarez got pretty famous a few years ago when he unleashed his “Panic Attack!” short film on the populace. Check it out below.

Not the biggest fan of remaking this, and Raimi being so actively involved in it is disappointing, but not surprising. I love the guy’s work, but Raimi has proven many times in the past that he’s not beyond making a fast buck when the opportunity presents themselves.

Will Bruce Campbell return in some capacity? God, I hope not, but I suspect he might, if just as a lark. I grew up on the “Evil Dead” movies, and I’m dreading Campbell and Raimi sullying my memories of the original films. But alas, there’s a reason they call it show BUSINESS…