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Fast and Furious (aka The Fast and Furious 4, 2009) Movie Image

  • jonathan

    where’d they get the body kit for this?? also anybody know what type of tires those are?

    • Marc Rivera

      The bodykit is Signal R for the Skyline GT-R R34. You can have it custom made or directly import a tuned R34 built by Signal Racing in Japan. Tires are I think is General tire or something like that


    Goddamn movie like always but still there is some hard-shot’s missing in there but the round figure is great. Cars and Actor’s are great and blinging and “vin deisel” and “paul walker” are the two man in the movie which make the movie more comfortable and dashing. i love this movie and cars alot may god bless this actors, cars and the all the crew who had made this movie great like always….[:)]