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Fast and Furious (aka The Fast and Furious 4, 2009) Movie Image

  • sean

    whats the name of that car?

    • Cory

      That car would be a Buick GNX.

      • Ian

        1986 or 1987 buick grand national gnx

      • marty

        that is not a gnx. it is a grand national, and a bad ass. there were only 547 built. they are worth too much to destroy for a movie. (

  • Pwyatt_c20

    what kind of car is this?

  • Pwyatt_c20

    what kind of car is this?

  • Jeromeandheddy

    Looks like a Buick GNX

  • guest

    yeah its a gnx this car is f***ing nice

  • Zylozbindugi

    what it a car?

  • j frendewey

    you dumbass its a 1988 monte carlo ss

    • Satoriirotas

      Wow cheese dick. Nice way to know cars… It’s an 1984 Buick grand national… Tool…

      • Dedpool

        LMAO! Cheese dick?!?!