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Fast and Furious (aka The Fast and Furious 4, 2009) Movie Set Image

  • t_klunk

    That is a sick ass S2k.

  • dan

    coll hvhdg udiosu idsuihuhdsuiiusdh uid uh dui du hui uuihdi hiudsh

  • Vinny

    its not honda s2000 its a BMW M-coupe (Z series)

    • J R

      heell no man thats a honda s2k just look the taillights and errting is obviouss………..:S

  • BTH

    nah its an s2000 for sure read this

  • Babyboycal

    Its a Honda S2000 thats a the over the Trunk make look like a Hatch body kit part that hot right now..because it does make it look like the BMW in stead of the regular S2000

  • kyle

    yes, it’s an s2000 with what looks like the spoon mooncraft hardtop

  • Brian

    looks more like a 350z body style

  • adi

    for sure s2000 man

  • drake

    thats a honda s2k

  • drake

    thats a honda s2k =) duh!