The Final Countdown Has Begun for Ronal the Barbarian

Although it’s in incredibly poor taste and features an impossibly goofy 80’s track that simply will not leave your head no matter how hard you try, the first theatrical trailer for the animated Danish flick “Ronal the Barbarian” is pretty darn funny. From the clip embedded below, it would appear that the filmmakers have an undying love for explosions, nipple-twisting, and all of those cornball fantasy flicks from twenty years ago that nobody is willing to admit that they secretly adore. I can’t wait for this thing to arrive Stateside, though I have absolutely no idea when that might be.

Before venturing into the trailer, check out this synopsis:

Ronal is a young barbarian with low self-esteem, the polar opposite of all the muscular barbarians in his village. He’s a real wuss. However, as fate would have it, responsibility for the tribe’s survival falls on Ronal’s scrawny shoulders, when the evil Lord Volcazar raids the village and abducts every living barbarian. With the exception of Ronal, who is forced to go on a perilous quest to save his enslaved clan and thwart Volcazar’s plot to rule the world. Along the way, our unlikely hero is joined by Alibert the buttery bard, Zandra the gorgeous shield-maiden and Elric the metrosexual elfin guide. To ultimately vanquish the enemy, the band must overcome awesome challenges.

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