The Finder TV Show Finally Finds Saffron Burrows’ Replacement(s)

Last we heard on the topic of FOX’s “Bones” spin-off show “The Finder”, Saffron Burrows had been mystifyingly fired for being too, well, Saffron Burrows, I guess. Her accent, we hear, was the problem. Which is way odd, because Saffron Burrows has played PLENTY of Americans, and like most British actors, she can switch that accent on and off pretty much at will.

In any case, Burrows is out, and TVLine reports that Mercedes Masohn and Maddie Hasson are in.

Masohn (top left), last seen on “Chuck” and “Quarantine 2”, will play Isabel Zambada, a Deputy U.S. Marshal and love interest to George Stults’ titular Finder, Walter Sherman. 16-year-old Maddie Hasson, meanwhile, will play Willa, a con girl from a family of cons who lends her skills to Walter and his “legal advisor” Leo (Michael Clarke Duncan) to solve cases. Hopefully at least one of them will have some wacky accent to remind us that this show would have been so much cooler (not to mention hotter) with Saffron Burrows around.

“The Finder” will find a time slot on FOX next January. Until then, here’s a Saffron Burrows-included, but not Saffron Burrows-credited trailer for the show.