The Flash Game? Oh, What Could Have Been.

Playing The Flash on “Mortal Kombat versus D.C. Universe” is nice, but let’s face it, when all the Flash gets to do is run around the screen punching people in the back and what have you, it’s not really the Flash. So what would a game built around the Flash character be like? MTV ran across this video on YouTube that purports to the early stages of the Flash game before the project was canceled. I don’t know if it’s real, and neither does MTV, but it certainly looks good. Picture it with more details, more complex movements, and better environments…

According to the guy who posted it on YouTube:

“When our publisher Brash folded we were about 6 months into full production with about a year still to go on the game so please excuse the roughness of how it looks at this stage. A lot of the core elements were just starting to surface and we were all really saddened that the game couldn’t be saved. It was showing much potential.”

I would have liked to see more combat footage, but they certainly got the lightning effects down. And anyways, even if this turns out to be a fake, someone sure put a lot of time into it.