The Flash Gets a New Poster

I’m a huge fan of The Flash comic book character. The comic book character. You can make him do things in the comic books that, frankly, would just look stupid in live-action. How many times has he traveled through time? I think at one point he even had to outrun Death itself, didn’t he? Or the end of the universe? Or something crazy like that? Why? Because he can! But only in the comic books do those things makes sense.

And while I’m looking forward to this Flash TV show…man, I dunno. He can run really fast. How do you fight a guy with that kind of superpower? What’s his weakness? He gets hungry a lot? His suit kinda looks lame (on the TV show, anyway)?

Perhaps I’ll be proven wrong and 10 seasons in, “The Flash” will still be good. Hey, it could happen. (And lightning could strike and grant me super speed powers…)

Here’s the new poster for “The Flash,” starring Grant Gustin, that guy from “Ed,” the very hot Danielle Panabaker, and a bunch of people with stupid “powers” lining up to get trashed by a guy who can outrun bullets. Sounds like a fair fight to me!

It premieres this October 7th.

The Flash TV Series Poster