The FP Redband Trailer Will Beat Off All Over You

The FP (2011) Movie Image

I believe that dance fighting is an under utilized, under appreciated form of conflict resolution in this day and age. Apparently so do the Trost Brothers. Their new movie, “The FP” harkens back to the heyday of dance fighting, that bygone era that began with “West Side Story” and peaked with Michael Jackson’s “Bad” video.

“The FP” tells the story of rival gangs struggling for dominance in the town of Fraser Park. The competing crews measure themselves against one another by their skill at a dance videogame, and, well… You really just need to watch the redband trailer embedded below. “The FP” is ridiculous and dumb in all the best possible ways, and, if this trailer is to be believed, completely hilarious. Best of all, the filmmakers play the absurdity of the 80s style gang story straight, which only makes it that much funnier.

“The FP” is the latest offering from Drafthouse Films and hits theaters March 16. I can’t help but think of movies like “Surf Nazis Must Die”, only intentionally that amazing. I like the training montage quite a bit. I’m going to stop talking now and let you watch the trailer for “The FP” for yourselves. It promises to beat off all over you. I can hardly wait.

“I hope you’re ready for this shit, cranberry juice.”

The FP (2011) Movie Poster