The Full Trailer For ZONAD. Like A Penis, Only Smaller

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“ZONAD” is an Irish comedy about a small Irish town and the maybe alien or probably low on self esteem guy that pretends to be one. It’s looks plenty good.

It’s difficult to capture the plot in words this early, so, assistance please.

From beyond the very limits of our imagination comes a stranger. Who is he? What is he? And why is he so thirsty? These are the very questions asked by the inhabitants of Ballymoran, a sleepy village nestled deep in the Gilhooly mountains when they discover a “visitor” in their midst.

Oh well said Italic man! Smashing! Nothing captures words like Gilhooy and Ballymoran like italics. ZONAD opens in theatres, maybe someplace near you  March 17th. Thanks QuietEarth.

Get more images and videos at our “Zonad” preview page.

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