The Gears of War Movie Battles On With a New Producer

Gears of War Game

As early as 2010, it seemed like a “Gears of War” movie would finally hit the big screen, with New Line attaching “Underworld” director Len Wiseman to helm the adaptation. That was three years ago, and the film version of the popular third-person shooting game is still in limbo.

To get things back on track, the folks behind Epic Games has brought onboard veteran movie producer Scott Stuber (“Ted”, “Safe House”, and the upcoming “47 Ronin” with Keanu Reeves) to help get things moving again. New Line has since abandoned the project, so Stuber will have to find a new home for the sci-fi adventure.

First up, though, he’ll have to get to work on developing a new script from scratch (Stuart Beattie of “G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra” fame previously took a crack at it, back when Wiseman was still attached to direct), which will mean hiring a writer, then using that to attach a director, and then getting a cast together.

All in that order. (Or thereabouts.)

In the meantime, the games are still selling like hot cakes. Originally released in 2006, the gears of this war have continued to spin to the tune of three sequels and more than 19 million units sold worldwide. That’s a lotta games.

The latest installment, “Gears of War: Judgment” hit the racks last month.

Via : Variety