The Girls of Nikita Strike a Sexy Pose in a New Poster

If you weren’t sure if the CW is selling sex appeal with their “Nikita” TV show, you probably haven’t seen the show’s advertisements and promos. Here’s a new poster featuring stars Maggie Q. and Lyndsy Fonseca all dressed up with no one’s ass to kick. Yup, them’s fine looking ladies right there, folks.

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if “Nikita” could actually work as a TV show, and some of the early first season episodes had me worried that it would run out of steam too fast, or become mired in the same formula of Nikita on the outside foiling Division’s plans with Alex’s help — repeat and rinse. There is actually some progress with Alex and Division going into Season 2, so it looks like the show can still sustain a pretty good level of thrills for another season. I haven’t a clue where they’ll go from there, but it would probably not work for Alex to remain in Division going into Season 3, but we shall see.

“Nikita” returns to finish up its first season on the CW on January 27, 2011.