The Girls of Vanquisher Gets a Subtitled English Trailer

In “The Vanquisher”, our heroine must go up against the International Organization of Assassins because, well, she’s a good girl and they’re bad for killing people and stuff. Or at least that’s what I got from this questionable English subtitled trailer (via Wise Kwai) for the Thai actioner “The Vanquisher”, due out in Thai cinemas everywhere (well, in Thailand) November 5. It’s a lot of what you’ve already seen in the teaser trailer, but the bad CGI sequences have been excised and there’s more focus on the plot and some evil white Caucasian types.

Vanquisher tells the story of “Genja”, CIA’s fearsome female agent who has become the target of her own organization after her last covert mission in the Southern Thailand. Fortunately, she somehow survives the assassination. But later she is confronted by an assassin with orders to “take her out at all costs.” It would be discovered later that the orders had originated from the CIA itself.

Starring Sophita Sribanchean, Kessarin Ektawatkul, Jacqueline Apithananont, Pete Thongchua, and directed by Manop Udomdej.