The Governator vs. Rampaging Robots in Animated Series Trailer


Yeah, well, he said he’d be back (despite what he told Larry King, natch), and so he’s back: check out a three-minute trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger in his new animated series “The Governator”, which the former bodybuilder turned Hollywood actor turned California Governor turned fictional superhero is developing with comic book demigod Stan Lee as a comic book, animated TV series, and a potential live-action movie.

It’s … yeah. I guess in the show’s universe, no one will put two-and-two together and realize the Governator is, you know, Arnold Schwarzenegger. I mean, it’s not like anyone will recognize him even with the techie shades. Makes perfect sense to me. It is a cartoon, after all.

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    A trailer already?! Definitely looks alot like “Stripperella” animation wise. Will it be cheesy? Yes but it may be a good cheesy!

  • Nicolas Nickbeta

    OMG!!! ¿this S#@T is for real? please god, forbidde stan lee still making bad ideas!!!! oh the mankind….

  • Christopher Draper

    This can’t be true. I am in state of denial. Stan Lee, please tell me it’s not true.

  • Bad Zack

    oh gay

    • Dedpool

      Now thagt I actually got to watch it and not glance at it…LMAO. But yeah Striperella h ad better animation.

      Sent on the go.

  • Vampelle

    did you see the copy of iron man, got milk!!! and others

  • Covax

    Yeah it’s got a TMNT/Biker Mice From Mars vibe.