The Governor Finally Made his Long-Awaited Return on Last Night’s The Walking Dead

David Morrissey in The Walking Dead - Live Bait

It took six episodes, but the Governor finally picked up where he left off at the end of last season. Sorta. (Not counting that quick glimpse at the end of episode 5.) Last night’s “Live Bait” found the eyepatch-wearing baddie without an army (or, er, the two guys he didn’t massacre at the end of last season) and without purpose.

Cue: the Governor has become … the walking dead!

Well, not literally, but definitely figuratively. After blazing what’s left of Woodbury, the Gov heads off … somewhere. He eventually stumbles across the beautiful Audrey Marie Anderson (“The Unit”, “Arrow”), who is holing up with her gun-toting sister, little daughter, and wheezing pops inside an apartment. They have apparently been there all this time, and don’t even know that you need to shoot the walkers in the head to kill them.

Audrey Marie AndersonCue: redemption time for the Gov!

Long on knowing looks and short on progression in terms of overall story, “Live Bait” is the episode you’ve been waiting for if you’re one of those bleeding hearts who believed even a mass murdering fella like our beloved Gov can be redeemed. (He can’t, by the way, in case you’re wondering. Not after cold-bloodedly gunning down a few dozen people. And those were probably his least objectionable crimes!)

The most interesting part of last night’s episode was the complete absence of Rick and company. This was, entirely, a Gov episode through and through, and it looks like he’ll get a two-partner, with next week’s “Dead Weight” continuing to track the Gov’s transformation from mass murder to, uh, something. I suspect the attempt to humanize our villain is so when he finally does come in contact with Rick again, we’re not supposed to root for Rick to quickly put a bullet in his other eye.

Good luck with that, guys!

All I know is that we’re going to get another episode with the lovely Audrey Marie Anderson, and dear god, I hope she doesn’t get munched. I so missed her on “The Unit”, and hopefully she’ll show up more often on “Arrow”, too. The nookie with the Gov in the back of the van while her daughter and sister are asleep a few inches away? Hunh. Well, she does know him only as Brian, and it has been a while, I guess … so we’ll cut her some slack on that one.

So what did you think? Can the Gov be redeemed? Will Audrey Marie survive “Dead Weight”?

A preview of next week’s “The Walking Dead” episode, “Dead Weight”