The Greatest American Hero Movie Gets Majorly Revamped

It’s been a while since I saw “The Greatest American Hero”, and to be honest with you, all I remember from the show is William Katt crashing into walls and flopping onto garbage dumps in alleyways. Anyways, the movie version is coming, and changes are afoot for the movie. At least, according to MovieHole, who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows about the changes. The biggest change of all seems to be that the lead character, Ralph Hinkley is now the most popular teacher at school, and Owen Wilson, who was originally looked at as the perfect Ralph Hinkley, is out, and an unknown is being sought after to play the lead.


She explained that the Ralph Hinkley of the film is “the most popular teacher at school, and has a real way with the kids – notably Josh, who is revealed to be Pam’s (the love interest from the original TV show) son”.

Adversary-wise, there’s your typical superhero villain (though nobody has seen the whole script, so nobody knows who or what it is), but also “Harve Lundy, a fat 35-year-old teacher at the same school as Ralph. His classroom has all the desks and seats at the back of the room and his desk is on a high platform overlooking them.”

Seems if Hinkley doesn’t get a laugh, then they plan for Harve too – he’s an obnoxious, bumbling baffoon by the sounds.

Most interestingly, this ‘Ralph Hinkley’ won’t just inherit the power to fly… he’ll snag a whole range of super-powers….. including the ability to burst into a ball of flames (Johnny Storm) style. These ‘turns’, of course, happen at the most inopportune of times – like the school Open Night that’s featured in the first half of the film.

What, no mention of the FBI agent/buddy? Isn’t he sort of pivotal to the movie?

Production on the film is supposed to start in July of this year.

Greatest American Hero the Movie