The Guardians of the Galaxy Has a Leader: Chris Pratt is Star Lord

Chris Pratt is Star Lord

Chris Pratt is Peter Quill, aka Star Lord, aka the human/alien leader of a rascally bunch of alien defenders of the galaxy. The Guardians of the Galaxy, if you will.

Chris Pratt in Zero Dark Thirty (2012) Movie ImageWord from Hollywood has Pratt, who can recently be seen as a buffed up Navy SEAL in Kathryn Bigelow’s “Zero Dark Thirty” (he and the other SEALs show up WAY at the end of the movie in case you want to watch the flick just for him), nabbing the much sought-after gig of leading man in Marvel’s upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy” superhero movie.

Pratt is also a co-star on NBC’s comedy “Parks and Recreation”, and also had a part in the doomed “Movie 43”, but perhaps he might not care for you to know about that one.

“Galaxy” is the first major space-based movie that will launch Marvel’s intergalactic storytelling that is expected to continue in “The Avengers 2” and, if recent rumors prove correct, continue into “Avengers 3” and a new Hulk movie.

If the ending of “The Avengers” are any indication, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, to be written and directed by James Gunn (“Super”), with Joss Whedon producing (and masterminding in the background, we’re told), will lead directly into Whedon’s own “The Avengers 2” … and beyond.

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” roster includes Star Lord, the alien Drax the Destroyer, Groot (a sentient tree), Rocket (a gun-happy talking raccoon) and Gamora, a female alien assassin.

Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Book Cover

Via : Variety