The Guy Who Wrote Prometheus and Darkest Hour is Writing Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange Comic Book

Writer Jon Spaihts has a couple of screenwriting credits to his name, the alien invasion flick “The Darkest Hour” and the “Aliens” prequel/sequel/whatever “Prometheus.” Both movies were pretty lacking, but the Hollywood machine being what it is, it’s hard to know what he contributed and what others added/took out.

So yeah, it’s hard to tell if Spaihts’ hiring by Marvel to write their upcoming “Doctor Strange” is good or bad. I know this, though: the guy is apparently a hot name, and has not just “Dr. Strange” but the “Mummy” reboot along with the “Black Hole” reboot on his resume.

So apparently someone in Hollywood thinks he’s talented. Either that or he’s got great agents.

Of course, this is a Marvel movie, and unless the guy directing is named Joss Whedon, you can pretty much bet there will be a lot of other screenwriters taking a stab at this thing once Spaihts turns in his draft. The trick to keeping your name on a Marvel movie? Give Kevin Feige what he wants. Just ask Edgar Wright.

Anyhoos, Scott Derrickson is directing the film, with Marvel still looking for their lead.

Via : Deadline