The Highlander Remake is Getting the Twilight Touch

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything on Summit’s “Highlander” reboot. There was the revealing of those plot details from a draft of the remake that everyone seemed to absolutely despise. Then we heard that Summit had tapped “Fast Five” director Justin Lin to direct. Now THR is reporting that “Twilight” scribe Melissa Rosenberg (left) is currently in negotiations with Summit to pen another draft of the “Highlander” remake.

The good news is, that draft of the remake that everyone hated so much? I’m guessing you can kiss it goodbye. The bad news is that the new writer has just spent a good portion of her career writing movies about lovelorn high school teens and antsy vampires. And of course, let’s not forget shirtless werewolves. So, so many shirtless werewolves.

On the plus side, before she started wallowing in overwrought teen supernatural romance, Rosenberg worked on Showtime’s grisly “Dexter” TV show. So what does this mean? Well for one she’s apparently very flexible as a writer, and hey, since everyone hated the previous draft of the remake script so much, she can only go upwards, right? Yeah, that’s the ticket…