The Hobbit’s 48 FPS Screenings Will Be Limited. Very, Very Limited.

The Hobbit Part 1: An Unexpected Journey (2012) Movie Comic Con PosterRemember all that hubbub about how Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” looked, well, uncinematic when footage from it was shown earlier this year? Everyone from the movie blogs to trade sites pretty much agreed that the film, as shown, no longer looked “like a movie”, thanks to the hyper realism that is the prime “benefit” of the format.

Apparently that was before the film went through extra “polishing” in post-production. So, problem fixed, right? Well, maybe not.

“Sources” are now telling Variety that Warner Bros. won’t be unleashing a 48 frames per second “The Hobbit” on the masses just yet. In fact, you should count your lucky stars if you’re one of the few who wanted to see it in this format and you actually end up seeing it, because the number of venues where you’ll be able to see this version of the film will be “fairly small”.

How small? Glad you asked:

According to source familiar with Warner’s release plans for Peter Jackson’s first HOBBIT, the HFR version will go out to only select locations, perhaps not even into all major cities… But the studio still wants to protect the format by going into a limited release for the HFR version, hoping to test the marketplace and expand the HFR release for the second and third installments — provided auds are enthusiastic.

So if you weren’t too enthusiastic about seeing “The Hobbit” looking like a bad Reality TV show instead of, you know, a movie, then don’t worry, you won’t be subjected to 48 FPS. Of course, time will tell if the format will even take off. People have compared it to 3D, that eventually we’ll just come to accept it. That’s bad news for me, because I still haven’t accepted 3D yet.

“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” opens this December.