The Host 2 is Probably Going to Be in 3D

Although I typically take this sort of news item and transform it into a shoddy, poorly-worded platform for my venomous anti-3D leanings, the news that “The Host 2” will be presented in the third dimension is actually somewhat interesting. Assuming, of course, that they’re going to actually shoot the film in 3D and not hastily convert the footage to the popular format moments before releasing it into theaters. The proposed sequel will have a budget of roughly 17 million American dollars, and the producers are currently looking for investors to help foot the cinematic bill.

Here’s some quotations on the subject lifted directly from The Hollywood Reporter:

“Given the nature of the film and the current trends in the global film market, we think that 3D is the medium to go,” said Su-yeon Kim at the company’s international business division. “But this will delay the film’s release date and bring significant changes to the film’s logistics.”

If all goes according to plan, “The Host 2” should arrive in several South Korean theaters sometime next year.