The Human Centipede 3 Starts Filming in Los Angeles on Friday

The Human Centipede

Like it or not, “The Human Centipede 3” is happening. A little ass-to-mouth action is expected to take place in the fine city of Los Angeles this Friday (May 24).

After a series of delays complicated production, it would seem that Tom Six’s third installment of the controversial franchise is back on track. To sweeten the deal this time around, Six said he too will star in the next “Human Centipede” flick. I guess that’s supposed to be impressive and/or shocking. In my opinion, that all depends on how much butt he sucks in the movie.

Dieter Laser (“The Human Centipede”) and Laurence R. Harvey (“The Human Centipede 2”) will return for the third entry. However, it’s believed that they will play different characters for the second sequel. What’s more, the new movie will reportedly feature a 500-person centipede. It remains to be seen if this will be done with live actors or CGI.

To be perfectly honest, I loved the first “Human Centipede.” It was fresh, darkly hilarious, and outrageously disgusting. However, I didn’t connect with the sequel at all. It seemed like shock for the sake of shock, nothing more. And while that argument can be made for the first flick, it was original enough for me to overlook the underlying calculations.

When “The Human Centipede 3” is finally ready for mass consumption, the folks at IFC Films will spread it around. You can check out a teaser image from the flick below. If you want to stay up-to-date on everything related to the project, be sure to stop by the official Facebook page and give ’em a like. Oh, and God bless the USA.

Human Centipede 3 Flag

Via : Los Angeles Times