The Human Sexipede? Sure, Why Not.

The rule of thumb is, you know you’ve gone mainstream when a porn company puts out an adult video title based on your movie, with a slight variation in the title, of course. For example, someone has decided to give us … “The Human Sexipede”.

Yup. It’s a porn version of Tom Six’s much-hated/controversial movie about human, er, interaction. “Centipede” is one of those movies where people will actually get into a drag-out fight over even if one half of the participations in said fight have not even seen the movie yet. It’s that kind of a movie.

“The Human Sexipede” stars Sunny Lane, Amber Rayne, Keni Styles, and Danica Dillan. Check out a pic of it below. Poster above.

Keep up with what those naughty kids are up to over at the film’s blog.