The Human Target Can’t Dodge Cancellation

I guess at the end of the day, there was one group of badass, cold-hearted assassins even Christopher Chance couldn’t defeat — the FOX network suits.

It’s mostly kinda official: FOX has canceled “Human Target” after two seasons, including a revamped second season that saw the show add to its grrl power by way of two new regular female castmembers. Hell, I thought that was a bad idea when they did it, and it’s sad to see the show go down in flames even after making such drastic changes to its excellent first season formula.

Also canceled, the Christian Slater comedy “Breaking In”. Yes, there was a show called “Breaking In” on FOX starring Christian Slater. What, you didn’t know? Apparently neither did anyone else.

But hey, fans of “Human Target”, at least the show’s second season gave us this gem of a moment courtesy of Janet Montgomery’s, er, slick thief Ames: