The Huntress Will Prowl The CW’s Arrow

The Huntress Comic BookThe CW’s “Arrow” (aka their Green Arrow TV show) will feature not just Arrow himself (played by Stephen Amell) as a masked vigilante looking to right wrongs and kick bad guy ass in fictional Starling City, but it’ll also include D.C. Comics heroine The Huntress. The character has also been filled by Australian actress Jessica De Gouw.

The Huntress (the lass in the purple tights to your left) is one Helena Bertinelli, the daughter of a mafia boss who tries to make amends for her family’s sins by taking on the city’s criminal underworld. The character usually prowls the streets of Gotham City, sometimes next to Batman and his legion of Bat Family, but on “Arrow” she will play a potential love interest for the superhero.

Officially, here’s her character description:

Helena is a potential love interest for Oliver Queen; a fellow vigilante, set on destroying her father’s organized crime empire. But Helena’s blind pursuit of revenge will put her on a collision course with the Arrow.

The character, we’re told, will show up around episode six of the series.

So, if The Huntress is Arrow’s “potential love interest”, where exactly does that leave Katie Cassidy, who is playing Dinah ‘Laurel’ Lance, aka Black Canary on the show?

Actress Jessica De Gouw, meanwhile, is pictured below. Now just picture her in purple tights and a mask:

Jessica De Gouw

Via : EW