The Hurt Locker Comes to TV as a Reality TV Show

Well, it’s essentially patterned after the Oscar-winning film, but it’ll actually be called “Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan”, and the cable geek network G4 has ordered 10 episodes of the reality TV show, which will track real-life members of the U.S. Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit from their training in the States to their deployment in Afghanistan. Hilarity, as they say, does NOT ensue.

Tell me you expected a show like that from a network known primarily for the likes of “Attack of the Show” and re-runs of Japanese game show “Ninja Warrior”. Okay, so “Ninja Warrior” is pretty damn awesome, but still, the G4 network? Apparently the kids are all grown up. Or growing, anyway.

“Bomb Patrol” will be produced by Big Fish Entertainment, with cooperation from the military, though the producers are adamant that the uniforms won’t have creative control over the episodes. Which seems unlikely, but hey, that’s what they said.

Look for it in the Spring of 2011.

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