The Incredible Hulk Sequel Plot Revealed

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A reader has sent in a script review (of sorts) of the upcoming “The Incredible Hulk”, the sorta-sequel to Ang Lee’s “The Hulk”, to the guys over at IESB that describes the beginnings of the movie and goes on to spill some details, including how Tim Roth ends up becoming the Abomination just in time for a throwdown with the Hulk in Harlem. As always, the post below is filled with SPOILERS, which is why I have placed this post in the “Movie Spoilers” section, so only read on if you want to know. The script is credited to star Edward Norton and Zak Penn, and to tell you the truth, it doesn’t sound all that good to me.

Here’s what we learn from the IESB post:

– Bruce Banner tries to kill himself when the movie opens, but fails.
– He’s living in Brazil trying to find ways to keep the Hulk under control. (So no living in South America somewhere helping poor villagers with medicine ala the ending of Ang Lee’s “Hulk”.)
– Liv Tyler as the new Betty Ross is dating some guy name Samson Adams.
– Tim Roth becomes the Abomination after he’s subjected to a military experiment to create super soldiers. He later gets out of control and only the Hulk can stop him.
– Hulkovision?

Read the rest of it here.

The Incredible Hulk Sequel Plot Revealed

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