The Incredible Hulk Trailer Description

Someone has seen the very first footage from the upcoming Edward Norton version of The Hulk and sent in a description to AICN. I’m sure this is the trailer they’re talking about, because it certainly sounds like a trailer. Head below to read what the trailer has in store for you. (Anti-Ang Lee asides included, of course.)


It was great to see the first footage of the INCREDIBLE HULK. I think the Ang Lee movie was terrible, but I have a lot of faith in this one. What we saw looked like the first official trailer. The scene opens with Edward Norton meditating. We see images of a lab, experiments, Banner escaping from the (Russian?) military (led by William Hurt and Tim Roth), running in the streets, kissing Liv Tyler, guns, shooting, more running… The ‘trailer’ ends with Abomination walking towards Hulk. Remember the end of Rocky III? Apollo Creed wants to hit Rocky in their friendly duel? That’s exactly the way the trailer ends. Abomination wants to hit Hulk. Hulk wants to hit Abomination, but before it actually happens the trailer is over. Abomination looks like a Hulk with the Voldemort face from the first Harry Potter movie. A really mean motha. He sure is a great opponent. I thought the shown footage was awesome. It promises much more action than the Ang Lee movie, a great love story and an even greater fight. Edward Norton makes a great Bruce Banner. He isn’t that muscular which makes his transformation into Hulk much more interesting and exciting. Imagine John Cena as Bruce Banner! That would be completely wrong, wouldn’t it?

Hilarious. This guy thinks Louis Leterrier, the guy who directed “The Transporter” and “Danny the Dog”, will be able to do a movie with a “great love story”. Whatever he’s smoking, I want some. Great comic book action? Yes. Great love story? I wouldn’t hold your breath.

And oh yeah, here’s what the Hulk and the Abomination will look like in “The Incredible Hulk”. Well, the toy version, anyway. (via)