The Infection Spreads in Brian Jaynes’ Patient Zero

Patient Zero (2012) Movie Image

Brian Jaynes, the director of “Patient Zero”, is also the director of “Humans Versus Zombies”, a film that we reported on last year but I haven’t heard much from since. I think it’s played some film festivals, but according to, will be landing on DVD and Blu-ray on May 8th, 2012 from Hannover House. I really dug the trailers for that film, so I’m definitely looking forward to it. In any case, Jaynes apparently hasn’t gotten the whole zombie/infection kick out of his blood yet, because he’s already released the first teaser trailer for his latest, “Patient Zero”. Check it out below, zombie fans.

Two young scientists are swept up in a government plot to suppress the truth about a biological disaster at a genetic research facility.

Starring Amanda Phillips, Brandon Slagle, Natalie Wilemon, Jackey Hall, Frederic Doss, Carl Savering and Van Quattro.

The film’s Facebook page says to look for it in Summer 2012.

Patient Zero (2012) Movie Poster