Captain America Updates: The Invaders, Casting, and The Red Skull

A trio of Captain America news for ya today. First up, director Joe Johnston has revealed to CHUD that The Invaders super team will indeed be joining Captain America as he battles the dastardly Nazis in his very own movie, “The First Avenger: Captain America” in 2011. And it won’t be a cameo appearance, either; apparently the costumed team will be showing up for “the entire second half” of the movie, since the first half will no doubt be spent detailing Captain America’s origins as he transforms from a weakling into the perfect soldier that we’ve come to know and love.

The original comic book Invaders roster consisted of Captain America and his sidekick Bucky, the original android Human Torch (not to be confused with the “Fantastic Four’s” wise-cracking Torch), the Torch’s sidekick Toro (back then everyone had a sidekick), and Namor the Sub-Mariner. Later, Brit siblings Union Jack and Spitfire joined the fun, followed by Miss America, Whizzer, the Blazing Skull and the Silver Scorpion.

Speculations abound about what character will comprise The Invaders, who despite the name are the good guys, but it’s probably a certainty that Union Jack, the Brit equivalent of Captain America, will be showing up. Everyone else, though, is up for grabs. Since the object is to sell the movie to International audiences, I’m guessing a lot of the Invaders cast will be “International” in origin. Of course, it’s anybody’s guess if that will be enough to sell a sure-to-be slightly jingoistic movie with the word “America” in the title.

Johnston also tells Collider that the actor playing Steve Rogers aka Cap, who he is currently in search for, will be played by an American, someone between 23 to 32, with most of the shooting taking place in the UK because of the film’s heavy European setting. Meanwhile, AICN reports that The Red Skull will indeed be Captain America’s main enemy in the movie, and this is apparently from the same “The Wolfman” junket that everyone else is getting their Johnston quotes from.

“The First Avenger” has been confirmed as taking place almost entirely during World War II, with possible book-ends in the present where Cap will be thawed out to join the would-be super team “The Avengers”, alongside Thor and Iron Man, among others.

Bucky's shield envy was never as high as when they jumped into a room full of guys with guns.