The Iron Man 3 Trailer Has Been Hilariously Sweded, This Time by the Thais

Iron Man 3 Sweded

I honestly don’t know who would go through the trouble of “Sweding” a moving trailer, because it just looks so damn hard and takes so much time. I mean, all the work, then having to sync up your shots with the original trailer. That’s a lot of work, man!

Anyways, although Americans have been the primary Sweders (is that a word?) out there, it appears the Thais want to give them a run for their money. Check out a new Thai stab at Sweding the “Iron Man 3” trailer by one FEDFE. The clip already has over a million views on YouTube, which is a lot.

I especially cracked up at the 50-second mark when one of the “reporters” runs up to the guy playing Tony Stark and literally bashes him in the cheek with his recorder. That was just so awesome on so many levels. The rest of the Sweded trailer ain’t bad, either.

“Iron Man 3”, by the by, opens today, but then you probably already know that. It’s not like Marvel hasn’t bombarded your TV sets with nothing but commercials for it all week. This is one case where you’ve definitely seen it coming. (Sorry, Mandarin.)