The IRS Does What Vampires and Countless Villains Couldn’t — Lock up Wesley Snipes

Well, there’s at least one Hollywood action star we can now say with absolutely certainty who won’t be in the mix to join Sylvester Stallone when he finally gets “The Expendables 2” up and running. That would be Wesley Snipes, famous for slaying vampires in the “Blade” films and countless other bad guys in countless other action movies, who has been ordered by federal authorities to turn himself in and begin serving his 3-year sentence in a federal pen immediately.

Snipes was initially found guilty of failing to file tax returns back in 2008, but appeals and other legal mumbo kept him out of the brig until now. His luck has now run out, and the man who once advised us to, “Always bet on black” has a three-year stint in federal prison waiting for him.

Death and taxes, man, death and taxes…

Wesley Snipes, surrounded by bloodsuckers, aka IRS agents.