The Joker Tortures Some Dude for 10 Minutes in New Dark Knight Fan Film

The Joker in Tell Gordon Hello

I like a good short film based on a genre classic (like Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”) as much as the next guy, but I don’t know, shouldn’t there be more happening in a 10-minute short film (including two minutes of final credits) than basically a close-up shot of two characters talking, with one of them tied to a chair and the other waving a gun around and making speeches? Maybe it’s just me.

In any case, you certainly gotta appreciate the look and feel of “Tell Gordon Hello”, the Joker short film by Morgan Rodner (writer/director) and Casey Schendel (cinematography/editing). The film looks good from a visual standpoint, limited resources and all, and Paul Louis Harrell, the guy playing the Joker, is very convincing. I guess the idea here is to ratchet up the tension with every passing minute. That’s the idea, anyway.

Anyways, enjoy “Tell Gordon Hello”. Get more info at the official site.