The Justice League Movie May Have a Villain


Justice League by Alex Ross

If and when Warner Bros. gets their “Justice League” movie into theaters (the studio is apparently eyeballing a 2015 release date, which would, yes, pit it against Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers” sequel), the big question, of course, is who or what is tough enough, big enough, evil enough to bring the legendary mights of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Green Lantern together?

How about Apokolips’ very own Darkseid?

That’s according to Latino-Review, who tends to be more right than wrong when it comes to these superhero comic book movie stuff, so you should definitely take this seriously and more than just with a grain of salt.

Darkseid is a longtime Superman enemy, and one of his most dangerous. He’s the ruler of an entire planet called Apokolips, and usually can be found battling those New Gods guys on their fancy contraptions. He also shoots laser beams out of his eyes, and pound for pound, is pretty damn tough when he needs to get his hands dirty. The character most recently appeared in the direct-to-DVD animated movie “Superman/Batman: Apocalypse”, where he had one of the most ridiculously awesome throwdowns with Superman I’ve ever seen.

So yeah, this guy is not to be taken lightly at all.

Then again, if you’re going to get a bunch of superpowered people together (minus, er, Batman, of course), it better be for a pretty formidable foe. Darkseid would fit that bill, and then some.

Darkseid Comic Book

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  • Juggernaut

    Of course they are going with Darkseid. They’ll be going up against The Avengers 2 with Thanos.

    • 0ptik

      Its an obvious choice for villain to compete with Thanos, but i think its too big. How are they going to follow up on it? Who’s a bigger villain than Darkseid? they cant really go to an alien invasion after…but then again, they cant go smaller or else they will be overshadowed. This is a deadly arms race but i think Marvel has the upper hand cause they got first blood.

    • Dedpool

      Shoulda gone with the White Martian Invasion to begin with. An army of Superman level, shape shifting telepaths is more than enough for the Justice League to start with. THEN go for Darkseid!