The Justice League Movie Plot Details — SPOILERS Ahoy

Holy crap. The guys at Underground Online just got handed a buttload of plot details from the upcoming Justice League movie, courtesy of someone who has just read the script, and there are so many SPOILERS in it regarding the plot that I’ve created a separate category called “Movie SPOILERS” just because of this post. So be warn, if you don’t want to know the first thing that happens in the JLA movie (then why are you reading this site???), you should not read on. If you do, I am not taking responsibility for whatever joys or surprises are taken from you as a result upon viewing the movie. Okay? We good? Now let’s head on over to the goodies…

Here’s what UGO says:

— The characters of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Martian Manhunter comprise the League. One name that I did not hear mentioned was that of Aquaman. Where’d the fish guy go? Good question.

— Story elements from the screenplay have been adapted directly from DC’s JLA comic book series.

— The man wearing the Green Lantern ring in the JLA film is John Stewart and not Hal Jordan (Earth’s first Green Lantern) or Kyle Rayner (who followed after Stewart’s run in the comic book continuity.) It should be noted that in the Justice League cartoon series John Stewart is the same character serving as Earth’s Green Lantern.

— The Flash is the youngest member of the JLA. He has a crush on Wonder Woman.

— Wonder Woman is portrayed as the member that acts as defacto humanitarian and face for the League. Our source told us that the best way to describe how she is written in the script is to “think of Angelina Jolie and her relations with foreign countries.”

— Unbeknownst to the League Batman has a piece of technology that he developed called the “Redeye”, a cool piece of hardware that he can use to spy unbeknownst on the other League members. Want to know what the secret identity of Superman is? Not a problem. Want to find out what can cripple or kill each League member, their Achilles heel? It’s a snap with the Redeye. Batman files away the knowledge in case the day might ever come when he will need to use it to take down a member of the JLA that goes rogue or becomes a villain.

— The Redeye is a fulcrum to the events that transpire in the movie. A villain””and I’m not at liberty to say which specific one or ones””will gain control of the Redeye. Instead of serving as a means of protecting the planet’s populace from the threat of a superhuman out of control, this creation of Batman’s will come back to haunt him, threaten the lives of the League and the safety of everyone on the entire planet.

— During the course of the movie the day that Batman feared would come happens: a member of the League will, and we directly quote our source here, “go bad.”

I love it. This has always been Batman’s problem and greatest strength IMO. Despite being part of a team, he doesn’t trust a single one of them as far as he can throw them. Then again, what do you expect? The guy saw his parents get gunned down in a filthy alley when he was a kid, after all. You can’t blame him.

If all this turns out true, that is…

The Justice League Movie Plot Details "” SPOILERS Ahoy