The Justice League Movie Sounds Very Superfriends Silly

Here’s the thing about this latest report on the upcoming Justice League movie — I just don’t believe it, mostly because, well, it all sounds like one big April Fools joke. Except, well, it’s not April, or anywhere close to being April, so I don’t know who is yanking the chains of the guys over at Movie Hole, who reports to have received portions of the Justice League movie script, complete with how the movie begins and how it proceeds. I think someone is playing a gag on them, but then again, maybe I’m just hoping someone is goofing around here, because frankly, I’d hate for it to be true. So, yeah, I don’t believe it’s true at all. But hey, don’t take my word for it, read for yourself.

Here’s what Moviehole says about the script:

Look, the film seems pretty underwhelming, sure, but what I think might’ve been their motivation here is to distance themselves from any of the “Superman” or “Batman” films already in existence – which is something the fans will be thankful for – and as this is merely light and fluffy cartoon adventure-stuff, without any of the dark undertones of those other films (largely “Batman”), they’ve definitely succeeded in that. This will definitely appeal to a much younger crowd than those that say, loved “Batman Begins” – it’ll be one the twelve-years-olds go ga-ga for. In fact, Batman doesn’t even seem to have much of a part to play here – not the pages I read anyway; it’s almost as if he’s a secondary character or Warner have told the producers they can only use a “bit of him” – and definitely isn’t the same Caped Crusader we’ve seen on the screens for the past couple of years. In fact, if this is anyone’s movie it’s The Flash’s… he gets most of the gags, a lot of the action, and seems to have quite a few more scenes- again, in the pages I read – than the others. If the character is cast right – I believe Adam Brody (“the OC”) is the favourite at this stage – he could be the break-out character here…. the one the twelve-year olds want on a T-Shirt.

Moviehole also describes how the movie opens, and again, it all sounds incredibly silly to me. How could you not make a Justice League and not make sure Batman is in the middle of it all?

Read the rest of it here.

UPDATE 10/18/07: IESB is now calling shenanigans on this report. No surprise there. But I am surprised that the guys at Moviehole swallowed it so easily. I used to think anything that showed up on Clint’s site was as good as gold, now I’m not so sure anymore…

UPDATE 10/18/07 (later): Moviehole has pulled their article. I guess they realized it was one big gag, too.

UPDATE 10/19/07: Now IESB thinks the script is real. And everyone is agreeing. Oh God, this movie is going to suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

The Justice League Movie Sounds Very Superfriends Silly