The Justice League of America Movie Coming in 2008?

If it sounds like I am being overly pessimistic about the possibility that a live-action Justice League of America will ever be made, it’s not because I don’t want it to be made, it’s that I want it to be made SO BADLY that this is just my silly way of protecting myself should all the rumors prove false and the film never actually gets made. You know, if you don’t expect too much from something, you won’t be that disappointed when it doesn’t happen. In any case, IESB is reporting their sources at Warner Bros. are telling them that the Justice League of America movie (I still think they’ll change it to just Justice League for politically correct reasons) is being scheduled to start production in … early 2008!

Yup. Here’s the important parts from the IESB article:

The JLA script has been received with open arms by Warners and the goal is for the film to be the launching point for The Flash, Wonder Woman, The Green Lantern and Aquaman as well as rejuvenate Superman.

When do the powers-that-be want to start production on Justice League? Apparently, as soon as the first quarter of 2008, that’s right, WB sources have informed the IESB that execs behind the Justice League of America want it to be in production as early as February/March 2008 to be ready for a summer of 2009 release.

What’s the rush? The pending strikes are definitely one of the reasons that Warner Bros. wants to move quickly on the ensemble pic. They also want to start building a fan base behind the new heroes that will help them go on to have their own stand-alone films.

Now the question is, if Batman and Superman are in the JLA movie (and really, how could it be a JLA movie WITHOUT them?), will Brandon Routh (the current Superman) and Christian Bale (the current Batman) reprise their roles in the movie outside of their respective franchises?

That’s one of the big questions facing even the possibility of a JLA movie. Word is that the Superman Returns sequel, “The Man of Steel” is also scheduled for an early 2008 start, so how does that meet with the start date for the JLA movie? Answer: It doesn’t. It conflicts. Badly.

And will Christian Bale really agree to hop onto JLA as soon as he finishes “The Dark Knight”? That doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of time for down time, even for a workaholic like Bale.

IESB has a very long article on it, and you should go there to read it. From what I can gather, they still believe that George Miller will be announced as the film’s director (I hope not, he’s way too old for a cartoon movie, for God’s sake), and that casting announcements would soon follow.

We shall see in time…

The Justice League of America Movie