The Karate Kid Reboot Sequel Lands a Crazies Director

The Karate Kid (2010) Movie PosterCraaaaaaaazies.

Ahem. Breck Eisner, director of “The Crazies” remake, will be helming the sequel to “The Karate Kid,” a remake of the ’80s movie starring Ralph Macchio, who had to learn how to paint a fence and wax cars so big bad bullies wouldn’t beat him up no mo. Or some such.

The not-really-karate-but-kung-fu-kid, Jaden Smith, is expected back, though these days isn’t the more proper term the not-really-karate-but-kung-fu-teenager? Also due back to teach the finer points of kung fu fightin’ is Jackie Chan.

The first “Karate Kid,” which found Smith’s character relocated to China with his mom (“Person of Interest’s” Taraji P. Henson), was a surprise hit, scoring over $300 million buckaroos for Sony Pictures. So it’s a bit surprising that it’s taken the franchise over four years to finally get a sequel together, especially since Jaden Smith has been sprouting like a tree in those four years.

Given the relocation theme, it’s probably likely that the action might move to America this time. As you’ll recall, the original series moved the action to Asia for its sequel, but since the reboot already started in Asia, it’s only logical to move it back to America, no?

But I’m just spitballin’. Who knows where the not-really-karate-but-kung-fu-kid will be doing his wacky kung fu training next.

Timothy Olyphant and Breck Eisner on the set of The Crazies (2010) Movie Image

Via : Deadline