The Karate Kid Remake is So Deep, it Needs Another Writer

The “Karate Kid” remake (or “Kung Fu Kid”, or whatever it ends up being called eventually) is apparently so deep and insightful, one writer wasn’t enough to delve into all the questions that the characters ponder throughout the movie, such as: if the Chinese dude who works in my building knows kung fu, should I ask him to teach me? And of course, other philosophical enigmas such as, “Why the hell are we remaking ‘The Karate Kid’? Why couldn’t we just call it something else and avoid the fanboy hoopla?” Anyways. On to the news!

Via THR’s Risky Biz Blog comes news that Will Smith’s work program for his sons — aka Will Smith-produced movies starring his kids — has brought on a second writer to finish work on “The Karate Kid” remake. Writer Steven Conrad has been brought onboard to polish up the current script by Chris Murphy. Conrad is no stranger to working with the Smiths, having written Big Willy’s 2006 Oscar bait — er, I mean, drama — “The Pursuit of Happyness”.

According to earlier reports, the remake will take place in Beijing, China, and will star Smith’s kid Jaden Smith as the titular karate kid. Jackie Chan will play the Pat Morita part, and I hear Smith and company are crossing their fingers that once shooting on the film is completed, Chan won’t go around badmouthing the movie even before it opens, as he’s wont to do when it comes to his Hollywood works. Oh Jackie, you’re so incorrigible.

Below: Dear Will Smith: will you adopt me?