The Keeper Promises An Abundance Of Seagal-Related Mayhem

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SeagalKeeperVery quietly, with little to no fanfare whatsoever, Steven Seagal’s latest direct-to-video escapade “The Keeper” made its Region 2 DVD debut on October 19th. How this one slipped past my Seagal-centric radar system is truly perplexing, and may suggest that my second-hand equipment is in desperate need of an upgrade. The film — directed by Keoni Waxman and written by Seagal himself — actually looks pretty good, though it seems to share the same basic concept as Tony Scott’s “Man on Fire.” The specifics may be different, but the emotional investment is pretty much identical. Regardless, Seagal is back. Again. Of course, I’m sure most you probably don’t care, and that’s perfectly okay.

Here’s the official word on the street regarding the plot:

Seagal stars as a tough California cop who flees to New Mexico when his corrupt partner makes an attempt on his life. Starting over again in his new surroundings, he takes a job as a personal bodyguard for the daughter of a wealthy industrialist. But when the young woman is kidnapped by a ruthless criminal organisation, he must utilise his deadly skills in order to hunt them down and rescue his charge.

“The Keeper” is scheduled to bow on in the States on December 31st, which, coincidentally, is around the same time his A&E program is set to air. How insanely convenient is that?

Author: Todd Rigney

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