The Kill Point: Episode 1-2 (2007) TV Review

One thing I’ve come to learn from Spike TV is to expect the unexpected. I’m not a regular viewer of any current programs running on their schedule at the moment, but some of you may recall the recent “Blade” spin-off based on the seemingly popular New Line franchise. To be perfectly honest, I have not the slightest clue as to whether or not the show is even still running, but my guess would be that it was axed at mid-season if not before. I began watching “Blade” with little expectations. First, not only was Hollywood’s bad ass Wesley Snipes replaced, but not one cast member from any of the three films returned on the show that I can recall. Even so, however, I was quite surprised with the style and overall quality of the series. I’m sure many of you have seen or at least heard of how horrid the special effects were in Sci-Fi’s (unfortunately still running) Stargate series which is said to share several similarities between “Blade”, but “Blade” held something different. Axed or not, the show had potential and that’s all the counts in my opinion.

The Kill Point: Episode 1-2 (2007) TV ReviewFast forward a few months and Spike has yet another critically acclaimed program on their hands entitled “The Kill Point” starring none other than Donnie Wahlberg. Let’s stop for a moment. Most of you know Donnie as Detective Matthews from the smash hit “Saw” franchise, but lets take a look at an earlier film. Picture this, a drugged out patient standing practically naked in a bathroom screaming at Bruce Willis. That’s right, Donnie Wahlberg was in the Sixth Sense and he did a hell of a good job playing a crazed lunatic. People sure do change don’t they?

Moving on, “The Kill Point” may come off to some as recycled material, but I’d prefer to look at it as a new take on an old idea. Basically, a group of crooks have devised a plan to steal an ass load of money from a well-respected bank minutes after a delivery. Unfortunately for them, things don’t go as planned and the crooks are forced to hold the citizens in the bank hostage in order to fulfill their task. Donnie Wahlberg plays the hard ass chief sent in to try and negotiate with the criminals in order to ensure the hostages make it out alive.

The concept has definitely been done before and again and again, but somehow “The Kill Point” is unique. First, the crooks aren’t your typical bad guys. Each of them as a purpose for being involved with the robbery, and they are explained throughout the various episodes. Also, since it wasn’t their intentions to be caught up in a hostage situation, each of the crooks have a soft side and would prefer not to see anyone get hurt which, in the end, makes the viewer care for them and that’s not something you see everyday.

The Kill Point: Episode 1-2 (2007) TV ReviewI’m used to watching a full season containing anywhere from 22-24 episodes when it comes to television. I’d prefer not to sit through a mini-series as most of them are made for television movies stretched out to be a miniature television program. However, “The Kill Point” was highly suspenseful and thrilling. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen for a second in fear of missing something vital. Spike TV definitely knows where it’s at when it comes to pleasing the audience. I would go as far to say that “The Kill Point” is one of the best television events I’ve ever come across.

The direction is absolutely fantastic, the acting is superb and the story is brilliant to say the least. I really enjoyed the interaction between the various characters, especially the villains. It’s really hard for me to hold back from spilling the beans, but I do have some self control. Do the hostages make it out alive? Or to they fall victims to the crooks with their minds set on nothing but getting their cash and getting the hell out of the country? I guess you’ll have to tune in for yourself.

This is highly recommended suspense and I would advise you to bring a snack and something to drink as you won’t find a moment to look away from the screen.

Steve Shill (director) / James DeMonaco, Todd Harthan (screenplay)
CAST: Donnie Wahlberg … Horst Cali / … (9 episodes, 2007)
John Leguizamo … Wolf / … (6 episodes, 2007)
Geoffrey Cantor … Abe Shelton (9 episodes, 2007)
Steve Cirbus … Deke Quinlan / … (9 episodes, 2007)
Jeremy Davidson … Rabbit (9 episodes, 2007)
Jennifer Ferrin … Chloe (9 episodes, 2007)
Frank Grillo … Pig / … (9 episodes, 2007)

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