The Lady Assassin is On Its Way to DVD in the UK

The Lady Assassin (2013) Movie Image

There’s nothing quite as sexy and downright alluring as watching women with swords do their thing in a well-crafted action-packed motion picture. And I’m not talking about that generic Japanese crap where the girls are more concerned with adequate cleavage than the finer nuances of an on-screen fight. I’m talking about Michelle Yeoh kind of stuff, though we don’t get motion pictures of that caliber too often.

Fortunately for folks living in the UK, director Quang Dung Nguyen’s Vietnamese actioner “The Lady Assassin” is on its way to DVD later this month. In fact, martial arts fans only have a few more days before its official release. Count all of the loose change in your couch and make plans accordingly.

Here’s what the flick is all about:

A sexy, action packed martial-arts fantasy set in a traveller’s tavern whose owner, with the help of her team of lethal waitresses, routinely slaughter the corrupt government officials & businessmen who visit. When an innocent young woman (TANG Thanh Ha), whose family has been killed by an evil general, arrives at the seaside tavern, they train her to become a skilled assassin so that she can take bloody revenge for her family.

“The Lady Assassin,” which stars Tang Thanh Ha, Ngoc Quyen, Diem My, and Kim Dung, hits DVD in the UK on March 10. As always, there’s a trailer hanging out in the space below. You’re gonna need something to wipe the drool from your chin.

The Lady Assassin (2013) DVD Artwork

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