The Last Seven (2010) Movie Preview, Images, and Videos

The Last Seven (2010) Movie Poster

Starring: Danny Dyer, Tamer Hassan, Sebastian Street, Ronan Vibert, Daisy Head, James Helder, Simon Phillips, David Frost, Rita Ramnani
Directed by: Imran Naqvi
Release Date: 2010 (UK)

London is dead: silent and dead. Into this dead silence walk seven disparate souls thrown together purely by circumstance: each desperately hoping to find a reason as to why they are in the situation they are in and what, if anything they can do to escape it. But as we discover, reason holds little sway here…for in the darkness of this dead, silent metropolis something way beyond reason is on the move and it knows its prey is powerless to stop it… It knows it can take all the time that it needs… And it knows that at the last, it will prevail.

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