The Latest Dark Knight Rises Rumors Involve Eva Green, Naomi Watts, The Batmobile, And More

Eva Green in Camelot TV Series Season One ImageChristopher Nolan is notoriously secretive about the production of his films, but there is certainly no shortage of gossip and rumor mongering concerning his upcoming third, and purportedly final, installment of Batman films, “The Dark Knight Rises”.

The latest rumor is that Eva Green (“Casino Royale”) and Naomi Watts (“Mulholland Drive”) have both been cast in the film. At least that’s what a source told Collider. That same source couldn’t confirm the roles, but believes they will play Talia al-Ghul and Vicky Vale, respectively. Again, this rumor is not confirmed, but there was earlier speculation that Watts was up for one of the female leads in “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Talia al Ghul is the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, played by Liam Neeson in “Batman Begins”, who is presumably out for revenge against the man responsible for the death of her father. Vicky Vale, played by Kim Basinger in Tim Burton’s “Batman”, is a Gotham City reporter, and is most likely the primary love interest (though there’s sure to be some sexual tension between Talia and Batman/Bruce Wayne). I could also see Green playing Catwoman, she has the dark, sultry eyes the character needs, and part of me will be disappointed if we got through three movies with Nolan without at least a glimpse of Selina Kyle.

This same source also states that filming on “The Dark Knight Rises” is set to kick off on May 6th, with post-production beginning on November 28th. As of now, the release is scheduled for July 20th, 2012.

Yet another source dropped some knowledge about the latest versions of the Batmobile and the Batcave. Apparently

the new Batmobile (aka The Tumbler) has been redesigned as a sleeker version, but still powerful and with all the gadgets. As for the Batcave, it will be the same cave we saw in Batman Begins and they’re attempting to keep the classic stuff like the circular bay for the Batmobile, but keep the look modern. They’re also setting up the Batcomputer and storage for the Batsuits.

Again, I cannot state strongly enough that all of this is unsubstantiated rumor. As we all know, we’ll have to wait until closer to the release date to get anything concrete. But until then, we like conjecture, theorizing, and rampant fanboy wetdreams. What do you think of these possibilities? Would you like to see Green as Talia? How do you feel about Watts as Vicky Vale? Any thoughts on the redesigned Batmobile and Batcave?

UPDATE: More Batman/Talia news here.

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