The Latest Future X-Cops Trailer is So Wrong Yet So Right

In case you were wondering — and I know you were — I simply adore robots, cops, and Andy Lau. What I’m not entirely sure about is Andy Lau as a cop fighting robots. Regardless, the new trailer for Wong Jing’s upcoming action epic “Future X-Cops” is a sight to behold. I’m not sure if these emotions I’m experiencing right now are the result of unbridled glee or complete and total revulsion. Whatever the case may be, I’m still going to watch the damned thing, mostly because I have absolutely nothing better to do with my free time. What’s even more tantalizing is that the film’s premise sounds eerie similar to the 1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme vehicle “Timecop,” a Peter Hyams classic that never wears out its welcome.

Don’t believe me? Check out the film’s synopsis:

A cop travels back in time to take on a corporation that’s out to eliminate a doctor who has created a new technology which can break up the monopoly on a energy resources.

The specifics may be a little different, but the “time-traveling cop sent to stop a nefarious villain from destroying the world” concept remains intact. But who cares about the plot, anyway? You’re here for the robots, Andy Lau, and all sorts of zany action. The trailer lies below for your infinite enjoyment. Huge thanks to the fine folks at Twitch for posting the preview.