The Latest Green Lantern Candidate is … Bradley Cooper?

Who the hell is Bradley Cooper (pictured, left)? No idea. He’s an actor, and he’s got the comedy “The Hangover” coming out this summer, and according to the blokes at Hitfix, he’s “one of the guys most likely to don the suit and slip on the power ring as The Green Lantern”.

The sure-to-be-huge film from Warner Bros. is being directed by Martin Campbell of James Bond and Zorro fame, and is scheduled to commence production sometime this Summer for a 2010 release. Which means, of course, they best get their cast together real quick. Or at the least, hire the friggin’ guy whose gonna play Hal Jordan already. Geez, is it that hard to get someone to play a comic book hero? What’s with all the delays?

Anyways, Hitfix doesn’t have any solid confirmations that Cooper is the frontrunner or anything, and they even preface their article by saying he’s “one of the guys” most likely to nab the role, which means if it turns out to be someone else, they could just say, “Hey, we told you he was just one of the guys!” etc etc.

Which reminds me, I really should make up a casting rumor for a big movie and pretend I have sources in Hollywood. Hell, everyone’s doing it.

So. Bradley Cooper is your latest candidate for the Green Lantern. Do with it as you wish.

Below: “Bradley who?”