The Latest Thor: The Dark World Movie Poster Seems to Have Gotten Lost in Translation

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston at the Premiere of Marvel's Thor: The Dark World at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood

Okay, I know that Thor and Loki are close (sort of) in the “Thor” movies. They are brothers, after all. But come on, this is a little too close for comfort. Especially when they’re always trying to kill each other in the movies with giant hammers and sharp objects and whatnot.

But this poster for Alan Taylor’s “Thor: The Dark World” is apparently what fans in one particular Shanghai, China movie theater are being treated to when they pay their tickets to see the Marvel movie. I would like to think this is someone’s idea of a joke over there, but for some reason it’s more likely that something got lost in translation.

Really, REALLY lost in translation.

Apparently, this was a fan poster that someone whipped up (according to MTV) that the Shanghai theater mistook for an actual, official movie poster and put it out there for customers in their lobby. Of course, it could very well be that someone over at Reddit is just trying to pull off a hoax. Nowadays, the Internets and hoaxes go together air and breathing.

Thor - The Dark World Shanghai Movie Poster

This, of course, was patterned after this poster:

Thor The Dark World (2013) Movie Poster