The Lone Ranger Movie Gets an Official Logo


Uber producer Jerry Bruckheimer recently announced the “soft launch” of his new site, on Twitter (via CBM), and among the titles listed on the site was “The Lone Ranger”, where an official logo for the movie was revealed, along with a tagline: “The Legend Returns”.

Besides the fact that Disney and Bruckheimer are developing a “Lone Ranger” movie, we don’t really know all that much about it. It’s supposedly going to take a contemporary approach, and Johnny Depp has signed on to play Tonto, while his “Pirates of the Caribbean” director Gore Verbinski will be behind the camera. As to the Lone Ranger himself? That’s anybody’s guess.

Author: Nix

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  • Blaxkadam

    Out of all the professional native actors in this country and Hollywood still has white people playing the part of Indians

    • Juggernaut

      Well Disney is thinking attach a big name and it’ll be a hit (which it will.) They already proof of what he can do at the box office with the success of the Pirates movies. Depp has played a native american pretty conviningly in The Brave. He is a good actor and I believe he can pull it off. However, it is unfortunate that they didn’t go with a native american actor.

  • Dedpool

    Actually Depp is part Native American, and has always been proud of that. That said i think they could’ve gone full blooded native american for the role, and had the big name for the main character.

    • BlaxkAdam

      Save your sorry ass excuses of “half”. Have any of you ever been to a reservation? Do you know what its like to be raised on one? American Indians our the poorest group ehnic or otherwise than any other in this country. Do your research poeple. Contrary to your educational system’s His-story The Amerikkkan government has been one of the greatest terrorist organizations since its establishment. Over 500 million Africans were murdered through 300 hundred years of slavery which repercussions still exist to this day. The native nations of the Americas were reduced to 1/3 of their original population by the end of the 1800’s. The US government established racist laws initiated in the later 19th century such as The Chinese Exclusion Act, The Foreign Miner’s Tax, The Alien Land Law, and others which treated immigrants and people of color as less than human. Hell, MOST true cowboys were either Black or Mexican but you sheeple continue to fall for the romanticized Hollywood version of the “old west”. Do you know what “Tonto” means in Spanish? It means Fool.

      • Nix

        Oooooooooooh. He called you “sheeple”, Ded. Oh snap! (I also like the “kkk” in American. Classic “I’ve been to college and read lots of angry people’s books and now let me regurgitate them all for you to prove how smart I am” syndrome.)

        • Dedpool

          I do believe Nix he was referring to people as sheep. And Yeah it is classic. He has a point, but yeah it does sound like just reciting facts.

          @Blaxadam- I wasn’t making an excuse. i was just stating a fact. had you read the whole post you’d see that I actually said I’d rather a full blooded American indian actor. There are definitely plenty out there. I am fully aware of all that you mentioned but as I’m just a fan of the movies that the evil Amerikkkan hollywood production companies put out I can only give my two cents and try and have some interesting conversations.
          I’ll be moving on to less angry pastures now.

      • Tonto

        Get over yourself Blax. America is the best country on Earth. If American Indians cannot provide for themselves then too bad. They have a ton of handouts from our Govt. Use them. And your numbers regarding africans is WAY off. 1st of all, blacks in Africa SOLD their own people to the slave traders. Not one black died as a result of the slave trade. They were too valuable, like a mule or a horse. Their owners wanted to take care of them.

  • Rod Bebenek

    Yeah They Had to Change Tontos Name in the Early Movie of The Lone Ranger Staring Lee Powell and Chief Thundercloud as Ponto yes as Ponto they found Reels of the Lost Lone Ranger Serial The Serial Squadron has Both The Lone Ranger 1938 and The Lone Ranger Returns 1939 But That one has Robert Livingston Who Was Zorro in another movie Before another Story about Lone Ranger is that Clayton Moore Was Also Zorro Before The Lone Ranger in The Ghost of Zorro 1949 just before acting as The Lone Ranger in a movie then appeared in the Seires of the lone Ranger till John Hart Ruined it